The Convertible Cowl


This is a relatively simple cowl pattern that can turn into a hat! I was inspired to make a crochet version of Frankie Brown’s Emergency Hat, and like the original is worked sideways to create a neat spiral effect. You can also try this with front post/back post double crochet for a bulkier (and warmer) result. As every row involves an increase and a decrease, make sure to count your stitches! (രᴗര๑)

You can sell whatever you make from this pattern, but please give pattern credit.


  • Worsted weight yarn
  • Hook to meet gauge (40 sc ≈  10 inches): Good size range would be 5.5mm (I) to 6.5mm (K)

Stitches Used:

  • Chain (ch)
  • Single Crochet
  • Double Crochet (Dc)
  • Double Crochet Increase (DcInc)
  • Double Crochet Decrease (DcDec)


(Row 1): Chain 42. Dc in the second chain off the hook, dc across (40 st).


(R2): Ch 2, DcInc in the first stitch, dc across until the final two dc, DcDec.

(R3): Ch 2, DcDec with the first two stitches in the row, dc across until the final stitch, DcInc.

Eyelet: Every 2 rows of dc will end with two rows that create an eyelet to thread a drawstring through.

(R4): Ch2, DcInc in the first stitch, Dc, Sc, Ch2,  sc into the stitch after skipping 2 stitches, dc until the last two stitches, DcDec.

(R5): Ch2,  DcDec with the first two stitches in the row, dc across until the final seven stitches. Dc into the Sc, 2 Dc into the Ch2 space, Dc into the next three stitches, DcInc into the final stitch.

Your hat right now will start to look like an elongated parallelogram.Repeat R2 to R5 until the length of the hat (the side that the eyelets border) is around 16 inches in length. Fasten off with enough yarn to join, line up the short edges of the piece, and sew together. You can use the whip stitch, mattress stitch, or whatever joining method you’re comfortable with.

Drawstring: Chain about a foot and a half of yarn and fasten off. Thread the drawstring in and out of the eyelets through our work and tie the ends together to join.

And you’re done! Make more for friends and family so everyone can stay warm during this frigid February! ❅ ❄ ❆


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