30 Day Crochet Photo Challenge List!


Here is the entire 30 Day Crochet Photo Challenge:

Day 1: Current Project(s)
Day 2: Last Completed Project
Day 3: Multi-Colored Project
Day 4: Solid Colored Project
Day 5: Crochet Hooks
Day 6: Amigurumi
Day 7: Pink
Day 8: Crocheted Scarf
Day 9: White
Day 10: Blue
Day 11: Crocheted Blanket
Day 12: Grey
Day 13: Amigurumi Animal
Day 14: Red
Day 15: Orange
Day 16: Holiday Themed Project
Day 17: Green
Day 18: Brown
Day 19: Item Made For Friend/Relative
Day 20: Item Made For Yourself
Day 21: Black
Day 22: Largest Project Made
Day 23: Smallest Project Made
Day 24: Crocheted Hat
Day 25: Purple
Day 26: Yellow
Day 27: Amigurumi Food
Day 28: Yarn
Day 29: Last Project Completed
Day 30: Current Project(s)

I’ll be sure to start this around spring break in a few weeks!


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