Polymer Clay Hook Review

So about a week ago, a user named CraftyIntentions on the crochet subreddit posted that they made their first batch of ergonomic polymer crochet hooks and were looking for testers, and I just had to be one! Just look at those colors!

From their post:

I was inspired by the beautiful wooden (turned on a lathe) hooks you see that are priced between $40 and $75. I can’t afford to furnish myself with a full set of them but was gifted one for Christmas. I love to use it, and wanted to make more but don’t own a lathe myself. This was my next best option. These hooks were made from polymer clay, baked, sanded under water, sanded again, and then sealed.

I messaged them with interest in purchasing, testing, and making a blog post reviewing their hook, and they were quite happy to hear that! I purchased the purple-pink K (6.5mm) hook (the fifth one from the right), and it was $10 + $5 for shipping, so $15 overall.

The hook arrived by priority mail, so I got it 3 days after ordering. Super speedy!



The pictures were taken on a semi-cloudy day, but the color was true to the pictures in the initial offering.


I rolled the hook on my desk, and it was a wobble-roll. So there’s a bit of unevenness to the hook, but honestly nothing too noticable for me at least. I noticed a couple imperfections in the handle, like tiny lint pieces trapped under the sealer (see above), but again not too noticeable from afar.



I guess that this was supposed to label it? Confession: I got the K hook because my favorite color is purple and my name is Kris. It just needed to be mine!



Compared to my Boye 6.5mm (left) and Clover Soft Touch 6.0mm (right), this hook is a decent blend between the two. I think it’s a Tulip Etimo? One thing I noticed while working with this hook is that depending on your holding style, getting the yarn to catch on that side notch (and not fall off the hook) is kind of tricky.


The hook has a great handle, and I did not feel any wrist pain with this hook when crocheting for over an hour. Color was true to picture and is very pretty to look at. Carries yarn just like my Clover and Boye hooks, although I did have to adjust my holding style just a bit. I was expecting this to be a heavy hook because of the clay, but to my surprise it was rather light!


The scent was a bit off putting for a couple of days. It’s like a burnt plastic/drying mod podge scent. I’m not sure if it was from the clay hook itself or the sealer, but it was quite a shock when I put the hook into my project bag and was greeted by that strong chemical sent upon opening the bag the next day. I’m not sure if the chemical scent is normal or not, but it faded over the course of the week to the point that I don’t notice it.


I like this hook! For someone’s first batch I give it a 4/5. If this particular one was to be sold in a shop, 3/5 because of the small imperfections I found.

As this is my first polymer hook, I’m not sure if there’s supposed to be a strong chemical scent. but it wasn’t too noticeable after a couple of days.

For $15, this was a pretty reasonable price.

This is my first time using a polymer clay hook, and had no idea what to expect. I’m glad I ordered as I now understand why people are into these. It’s a great hook with a gorgeous color, and just needs a bit of refining in making the handles to be an excellent product! (If more are made in the future, I’d like to see a handle with a Boye hook!)


One thought on “Polymer Clay Hook Review

  1. I have been making ergonomic polymer clay hooks for 3 years and selling on etsy. They are so pretty, popular and they do ease so many painful conditions. I agree with what u say about the one u tested. The smell surprised me. My glaze has no scent whatsoever. The imperfections are noticeable and she should improve over time. Come see my shop at etsy.com/shop/maryjosepha.


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