Knitting & Crochet Blog Week 2015 – Day 1: If You Were Yarn

Hey everyone! This blog will finally get some life flowing into it as I’ll be participating in the 6th Annual Knitting and Crochet blog week hosted by eskmimimakes. Check out this post to get a preview of what I’m going to write about during the week!

If I were yarn, I’d be a 50/50 baby alpaca/mulberry silk blend because I’m super soft and precious a wool/acrylic blend, as that type of yarn makes up most of the heavy sweaters and cardigans I’ve been wearing throughout this past winter semester at school. Not only did those sweaters keep me very toasty during the brutal winter months, but they also were colorful or had vibrant patterns which gave a boost to my mostly black wardrobe.

Like the yarn that made up those sweaters, I’d consider myself to be a rather durable person who can take whatever life throws at me (besides the weather). I’m rather comfortable in both formal and low key occasions, and am pretty low-maintenance.

If I had to pick from what’s in my current inventory, I’d go with Knit Picks’ Brava Bulky,  as the yarn has bold colors that aren’t too loud, and is great for blanket projects (i.e., very squishy), which are my favorite project to undertake!


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