Cold Sheep 2015: The Game Plan

Happy Tuesday everyone! I can’t believe that we’re already a month into summer, June has definitely flew by for me! As mentioned in my last post I’m trying to see how long I can abstain from buying any more yarn. Not only am I trying to work from my current inventory, but also trying to have as many finished projects going to charity.

Here’s a list of projects I am currently or plan to make over the next two months:

Personal Items:

Mossy Tree Trunks Infinity Scarf: You can never have too many scarves, right? I was gifted two skeins of Knit Picks Diadem last year, and am finally putting it to use. I’m using my own pattern, which will be alternating sections of moss stitch, dc clusters, and crossed dc.

Spirit Shorts: Posted about this pattern a while back on my Facebook page semi-jokingly, but I’m honestly going to do it! It’s something to wear during Wayne State’s Festifall, and quite possibly another event in July. Shorts will be made with Lee Wards Orlon Sayelle and Caron United.

Charity Blankets:

For Children’s Hospital

Catan Blankets: Based off of this tumblr post,  I’ve made two blankets inspired by the board game Settlers of Catan. The first one ended up being a bit wonky as I didn’t check gauge while working with multiple types of yarn, and halfway through attaching tiles I realized that I’ve been doing the mattress stitch incorrectly for sometime now. Apologies to all WUD members that I taught my technique to.

The second blanket went along much more smoothly, with the appropriate hooks being used for each type of yarn. This time, all the tiles ended up the same size and lining them up for attachment was a breeze. All I have to do is finish 4-5 rounds of the border, and it’ll be complete!

Aqua and Peach Hearts Blanket: When I used to be addicted to Pinterest, this post came up frequently in crochet boards I followed, and now I’m finally making one!

Fuzzy Clouds Blanket: This project is named so because I’ll be using this textured blanket pattern with some fuzzy baby blue yarn.

For the VA Medical Center

Lap blankets: As Warm Up Detroit’s first project is nearing completion, I decided that the next project would be making lap blankets for patients at the nearby VA. The two I’m working on currently are made up of square foot granny squares, with each blanket consisting of four. These two blankets are made from unused squares of WUD projects and my scraps that were too small to catalogue on Ravelry.

Forest Scheme Blanket: Made with a mix of Caron United and Lee Wards Orlon Sayelle. I’ll be basing this project off of Moogly’s Morocan Tile Afghan.

School Spirit Blanket: With the remaining yarn from the Spirit Shorts project, I plan to make a granny stripe lap blanket.


Dragon Eggs: I’ll be using Knit Picks Palette in Marine Heather to make a dice bag and worsted cotton yarn for a prototype drink cozy for my cousin. The “dragon scales” used in the project are more commonly known as the Crocodile stitch, and I’ll be modifying the scale pattern shown on this site.

Tangerine Throw: I’m making a Drop in the Pond lap blanket to give to my aunt as thanks for giving me a ton of yarn to work with. There was a good amount of orange, cream, and tan to work with and it created a very nice color scheme.

As you can see, I’m attempting to achieve an even split between the VA and Children’s Hospital. I didn’t even include pattern design projects because I have no clue if I’ll be able to fit those in at this point. Hopefully I can, so my Ravelry store doesn’t look so lonely!

If you want to check in on how I’m faring with this challenge and to see full photos of some of the projects I mentioned, I’ll be tagging everything Cold Sheep related with #coldsheep2015 on Instagram. Ravelry users can look at my notebook to view project specs before I do write ups for them on the blog! If you’re interested in learning more about Warm Up Detroit, check out the website here. Apologies in advance as I haven’t updated the site in a while. 


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