Trying to stay afloat.

Hello everyone, it’s been a while hasn’t it?

I seem to have this rather nasty tendency to bite off more than I can chew and as I’ve been progressing in my MCAT studies, finding time to crochet has been hard to come by. Or to be more accurate, I’m just too exhausted to work on anything after studying and succumb to the instant gratification of internet browsing.

But to be frank, trying to balance the right amount of time to review test content and work on testing strategies had stated to take a toll. I’m currently enrolled in an online MCAT course and the amount of pre-classwork and homework can easily take up 5-6 hours, and to top that off they have recommended assignments to complete based on their diagnostic test. As I haven’t touched Physics or General Chemistry since 2013, it’s a lot of review to do.

There was a point last week where I really did feel like I was just drowning in work to complete and just couldn’t shake off a feeling of being incredibly behind on things. Rather unsettling as realistically I have the next two weeks at most to get content review done to really focus on test strategies for three weeks. That doesn’t even include fitting a practice full-length once a week. The odd thing though is that I don’t have a feeling of stress, just of mild annoyance. Or something like that.

But, I did finish a project in the span of four days! It’s something I whipped up for a local event this weekend, and I have a post planned for Friday about it. Thanks for dealing with the large amount of silence here and mostly everywhere else online. I hope the upcoming weekend will make up for it!


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