A Much Needed Update (and say hello to Trello)

I’ve been busy.

Incredibly busy.

In September, I was taking 17 credits (had to drop a 5 credit class a few weeks back in order not to mess with my GPA any further), took my MCAT, and returned to my volunteering gig at the hospital. Through the semester, I was trying to keep my student organization afloat, working on my own projects, trying to design something new, have some semblance of a social life,  and work on the blog?

It’s sadly becoming routine that I bite off more than I can chew, and I do feel bad that I can’t be on top of everything.

If you’re interested in how huge I made my work queue, check out the Trello board I recently made. When I finish my finals (and survive my wisdom teeth extraction), I’ll open up my shop to take any custom orders anyone may have.




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