Stop, Drop, and Roll.

I’m very excited to say that I’ll be vending at Con Ja Nai 22 this year! Con Ja Nai is a free, kind-of convention hosted by the University of Michigan’s anime club. If anyone’s around Ann Arbor February 20th, drop by the artist alley at the campus’ Modern Languages Building and say hi (and maybe purchase an item too šŸ˜‰)!

It’s rather sudden to switch gears and drop all of my charity work for the next six weeks to get ready for this event, but honestly it’s a rather nice change of pace. Since I’m working on a wider variety of projects and striving to meet a certain inventory count by mid-February, it just feels like a challenge that I can have fun completing! Ā  I’ll still be working a tiny bit on those charity blankets, most likely whenever I’m running an event involving my student organization.

As a way to keep myself accountable for the time frame I have set for making my inventory (and finally get to writing more on here), I’m aiming on making quick work-in-progress posts at least once a week. If you’re into frequent photo updates, make sure to also follow me on Instagram @cuddlelump!


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