Ann Arbor Anime Artist Alley Aftermath

(Sorry, but that alliteration was too good to pass up!)


Con Ja Nai has come and gone, and I’m happy to say that I’ve had a great experience for my first Artist Alley! I’ve managed to make enough sales to break even and get a bit of profit to boot! So as I’ve been rather silent on the blog these past couple of weeks, here’s a big summary of what I’ve been doing:

When I announced back in January that I’d be doing my first Artist Alley gig at Con Ja Nai doing and weekly update posts and posts on Instagram, I thought that was going to be feasible. I managed to get one post up during the past seven weeks, and then trying to juggle making my inventory with my classes this semester became a bit too much, and I ended up settling only for Instagram updates.

I was also a bit ambitious with my inventory as well. I had planned to go to the con with approximately 50 items in stock, and ended up with 35. Some of the items were actually incomplete, and I was finishing them up during the con! In retrospect, I should’ve shot for a lower inventory count to reduce my stress levels in the days before the con. I’m kind of a perfectionist when it comes to finishing items, and I found myself redoing a couple items until it reached a level I felt to be acceptable for selling.


Overall, I think I did an okay job of keeping on track. You can see how I managed my time here (Warning: a decent amount of profanity ahead). Besides keeping track of inventory progress and class stuff on Google Sheets I also used Lanes, which is a very nice to-do list website. I actually set Lanes to be my homepage before classes started, and it ended up working well for keeping track of con-related activity as well.

I decided to cosplay as Intern Dana from Welcome to Night Vale during Con Ja Nai.


To be perfectly honest it was a really easy, last-minute thing to do as purple is my favorite color and I had a ton of purple clothing to choose from, and it was easy to crochet a WTNV logo Maybe next time I attend a con I can rope my boyfriend into cosplaying Cecil for me… šŸ˜‰

Shout Outs:

  • David and Andy from CJN Vendor staff: Thanks for the free parking tip and for checking up with me frequently, you guys were great at making things run smoothly and I hope you two were able to pick up one of the daisy pins I left up for grabs!
  • Jasmine, a fellow student org leader and storerunner of Palefaced Creations. Thanks for sharing a table with me and I hope you got a ton of publicity from attending!
  • Whoever was Frisk of the North Star: I was wondering why Frisk had nunchucks and didn’t get the pun until hours later while I was cleaning up. That was clever.
  • The lady in the Sweet Lolita coord who bought my Dolan Duck hat. Thank you for purchasing that, it’s been sitting my my closet for almost two years and was highly considering giving it to charity (do charities even accpet old memes?) if it didn’t sell at CJN.

Overall, my first Artist Alley experience was incredibly fun! I got a see a ton of awesome cosplay (check out MIGeek Scene’s photos!), explored Ann Arbor for a bit, caught up with someone I haven’t seen in years, and just had a really nice Saturday to myself. If all goes well, I’ll definitely want to come back here next winter.


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