Cold Sheep Status

Last year I attempted the Cold Sheep Challenge, where I had to abstain from purchasing yarn and work solely from my current yarn stash until it was gone. I stayed true to this for the rest of 2015 (and made some pretty cool projects), but eventually had to put the challenge on hold when I started to make my inventory for conventions. I’ve also accumulated yarn from relatives who gave me their storage stash, and from sorting out donations to Warm Up Detroit (novelty yarn, yarn that wasn’t 100% acrylic, and lighter weights of yarn). In other words, my yarn stash increased quite a bit while I took a break from the challenge!

However, I’m getting back on the Cold Sheep train again for the summer! My goal is to not only eliminate as much of my current stash of yarn, but also finish all the crochet work that’s currently in what I call “project purgatory”.

As I was really ambitious at the start of the challenge, I ended up with a rather large backlog of projects to complete. Although I have stepped down from running my university’s yarn club, there are five blankets in my possession that need ends woven in, a border added to, or still need to reach the completed size. There are also two cowls I was knitting for charity donations, but haven’t completed yet as knitting takes forever. On top of that I want to get more patterns published this summer (at least more than 1), and I’m happy to have gotten the ball rolling on that last week!

In order to keep a balance between charity, personal, and pattern projects I had to terminate work on a few charity blankets in progress. After some deliberation, the blankets were chosen due to not having enough yarn to finish the project to its completed size without breaking the color scheme. All that work isn’t all for naught however, as those pieces will be used in another project…that will remain a secret for now.






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