Four Places for Fiber Fun

As I’m halfway through with my spring semester course, I’m looking forward to having more time to put into my creative endeavors come July. But with the (hopefully) nice summer weather coming soon, working on crochet and knitting projects cooped up in my room certainly won’t do!

There are many benefits to joining social fiber arts events around your area. Not only do you have the opportunity to meet other fellow fiber arts enthusiasts, but you can also find project ideas from other members, obtain tips from seasoned knitters and crocheters, or maybe even do a yarn trade!

The following are four places in Detroit and the surrounding area that hosts knitting and crochet socials that I’ve attended in the past and am looking forward to attending this summer. If you live near these events, I would definitely recommend dropping by-all of them are beginner friendly!

Detroit Knit and Crochet Club (DKCC)

  • Location: Third Floor of the Detroit Public Library
  • Time: Third Saturday of the month from 1-3pm

After admiring the stained glass and murals that decorate Strohm Hall, join the DKCC in the adjacent room! This is one of the largest meetups I’ve attended so far, but you don’t have to fear feeling shut out at all. Everyone is incredibly friendly, and it’s fun to get up from your seat and walk around to see what everyone else is working on. I love how the members of this group are genuinely interested in yours and others’ projects, and you can’t help but feel compelled in taking pride in what you’re working on. Be prepared for pictures too, because they love taking a lot of them!  Join their Facebook group or Meetup group for event updates and to see photos taken after each event.

Open Knit Nights at Skeins on Main

  • Location: In-store in Downtown Rochester
  • Time: Thursday nights from 6:30-8:30pm

Knitters and crocheters gather for a sit and stitch at one of the large tables in the shop. The store is a rather nice and cozy place to work on your projects, and you can also browse their fine selection of yarns and notions when you’re giving your hands a break! (Protip: bring some cookies to share with other members of the group!)

Pints N’ Purls with Have You any Wool?

It’s great to support local businesses, and even better when you get to pair it with your hobby! I actually haven’t been able to attend a Pints n’ Purls event yet due to classes, but I’ve attended their events at Fourteen East last fall and enjoyed myself there. It was a great place to sip tea, chat with other fellow knitters, and take a look at the skeins HYAW brought for potential shopper. Hopefully this summer I can finally attend a meetup!

Yarn Bomb Detroit

  • Location: Roosevelt Park in Corktown
  • Time: First and Third Saturdays of the month from 11am-3pm

Yarn bombing, or knit graffiti, is the act of decorating public spaces with knitted or crocheted pieces. Yarn Bomb Detroit aims to decorate the pop-up living space in the park and make the place a bit more colorful! This group is fairly new, and mostly comprised of younger people so it was kind of nice not being the only person under 30 for once, hehe. I’ve been going to these meetups recently, and honestly it’s fun knitting and watching the groups of people who come to visit that infamous train station nearby. If you don’t feel like working on a project, that’s fine! The group tends to host other cool events such as skill trades and clothing swaps at the same time.

Are there any yarn-related events that you attend in your local area? Please talk about them in the comments, I’d love to learn more!


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