Four Places for Fiber Fun: WWKIPD Edition!

I’m getting pumped for this weekend as June 18th is World Wide Knit in Public Day (WWKIPD)! From their website, Knit in Public Day was started eleven years ago for knitters to get outside and socialize with other knitters. This is great for people like me who who tend to view our needleart hobbies as solitary hobbies and as a result just coop up inside to work on projects. It’s summer and we need to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and if not for that at least make a couple of friends who share the same hobby as you!

Last week, I shared four places in and around Detroit that host weekly or monthy knitting and crochet meetups. The following are four places in Detroit and the surrounding area that are hosting events for World Wide Knit in Public Day this Saturday, June 18th.

(I did my best to make sure all event details were correct before publishing, apologies in advance if there are any errors I have made and please let me know ASAP!)

Handmade in Port Huron

For Port Huron’s event, crafters are welcome to work on their projects in the welcome center, on the benches and in the restaurants of Downtown Port Huron. A collection for winter items will also be held in the welcome center.

Pints N’ Purls and Workshops with Have You any Wool?

This should be a fun one to attend, as there’s two workshops in the morning and two in the afternoon, with a two hour lunch break in between! Registration is required for the classes, and attending any of the events listed in the flyer will enter you into a raffle, and who would turn down the chance to win some gorgeous new yarn? As with their regular Pints N’ Purls events, don’t forget to call the store to reserve a seat at Patrick J’s!

Mitten State Knit-In at Leon & Lulu with Wooly&Co.

Do you want to celebrate WWKIPD while helping out the local community? Leon & Lulu is sponsoring an event benefiting Mittens for Detroit. To attend this event, it’s $10 for seat reservations, with the proceeds going towards Mittens for Detroit for their upcoming collection season. This event, along with an explanation for WWKIPD was even covered by local news, so that’s pretty cool! Free parking and refreshments are avaliable for attendees.

WWKIPD Celebration With Knit Sew Fabulous

Saving the best for last because I’m helping out at this one! 😉 I’ve worked with Lynette from Knit Sew Fabulous in the past when I used to run Warm Up Detroit, and I’m happy to help out with the arm knitting classes at this event. If arm knitting isn’t your cup of tea, feel free to hang out with us and work on your own projects too! Another bonus is that a coffee shop called Cairo Coffee is located in-store. I’m not sure about you, but the scent of roasting coffee puts me into a productive mood, so I can definitely see myself pushing to finish at least one project from my WIP purgatory that day! Attendees are asked to bring their own lawn chair to this event, and are free to bring their own beverages.

The honorable mention:

Another event to mention is that the Detroit Knitting and Crochet Club will have their regularly scheduled meeting on the third floor of the Detroit Public Library this Saturday as well. Use the elevator to go up to the third floor, go through Strohm Hall (while admiring the murals and stained glass), and past the staircase to get to their meeting area!

No matter what event you choose to participate in, what matters the most is that you’re doing a hobby that you enjoy and sharing that enthusiam with others! Happy stitching this weekend!


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