World Wide Knit in Public Day!

After a lack of internet and some family item to attend to, this post is finally published! Whoo!

June 18th was World Wide Knit in Public Day, where yarn enthusiasts of any of the needlearts can come together and socialize. I spent the afternoon with my friend Lynette of Knit Sew Fabulous, where she was hosting arm knitting classes outside of Savvy Chic.Β 


(Photo credit to Lynette Halalay/Knit Sew Fabulous)

I brought my crochet work to the event, as I was working on a prototype top.


After finishing Mark I, I found out that the acrylic yarn I was working with was way too stretchy to wear properly, and ended up making a second top with all cotton yarn. You can see the Mark II of this top on Instagram! I’ll probably end up remaking it again because I found some inconsistent measurements until it was too late. But hey, practice makes prefect, right?


Lynette also brought her spinning wheel to the event. It just so happened that a lady that knew how to spin was walking by, and asked to try out Lynette’s wheel. The three of us ended up having a great conversation about the benefits of knitting and crocheting, which mindset is better inclined towards knitting or crochet, and how boys end up liking spinning because of the machinery involved.

As soon as that was mentioned, the spinning wheel caught the attention of a small brother and sister duo who ended up learning how to spin and knit for a bit! Our discussion mere minutes before was rather spot on; the boy immediately took to the spinning wheel and was just so interested by the mechanics behind the device and paid rapt attention to the explanation. To see children have a genuine interest in the needle and fiber artsΒ was probably the highlight of the day for me!

Overall this was a fun and relaxed event to attend, and I hope that everyone that attended similar meetups for World Wide Knit in Public Day enjoyed themselves as well!



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