The Big Weekend

This past weekend was pretty big, considering the magnitude of work I’ve had to do to prepare for it. This past Saturday, I was a vendor at Arts & Scraps’ Community Sidewalk Sale, and the day after I was a featured artist at Knit Sew Fabulous’ Model Appreciation Day! I’m going to do my best to summarize the weekend up in one post, so this is your heads-up for a lengthy (and picture filled) post!

Arts & Scraps Community Sidewalk Sale

Side note: I ended up driving out a bit too early, so I decided to swing by Roosevelt Park to see if my mandala I made at a Yarn Bomb Detroit meeting a month ago was still there.

Here’s a pic of when I attached it at the start of June:


And here it is now!


Not too bad, if I do say so myself! I still ended up arriving too early anyway ^^;;

When I arrived at Arts & Scraps to set up my booth, I was slightly annoyedΒ at the slight drizzle that was happening that morning, but I made the most out of it by finding a spare ragΒ in my car and cleaning up the tables I brought.


The booth!

Most of what I was selling were items leftover from Con Ja Nai and Macomb A Con, along with some rave hoods that I recently made. I also offered comissions on custom clothing items, just in case anyone was interested.

My friend Lynette of Knit Sew Fabulous was also running a booth at the event, which was great because I was in the middle of finishing up her custom top and I could ask her for all the fit checks and detail specifications I needed, hehe…

She also made me aware of a free pile at the side of the Arts and Scraps warehouse and I ended up snagging this wooden heart frame that was drowning in fake flowers.


When I have the time, I’ll be making this into my sign for future booths! I’m definitely thinking of adding yarn roses to the frame, but maybe not as much as the frame previously did!

Model Appreciation Day

Sunday was a busy day, especially when mildly sleep deprived. Right when I got home from the Arts and Scraps sale I ate dinner, slept for maybe three or four hours, and jumped right back into work to finish up items for the models to wear.


My small, humble display table. Does the red, white, and blue bikini in the back look familiar?

My arm and wrist started to act up after a few hours of work, so I decided to call it quits on building anything new and decided to focus on making the finishing touches to the tops and dress I completed.


Model Appreciation Day in full swing at Eastern Market!

On the left you can see Lynette and a model showing off a poncho that also doubles as a skirt, and on the right was the photoshoot corner.

The frist thing that got modelled was my granny square dress. I’ll go into the construction into more detail in a later post, but it took my friend Melanie and I roughly six to seven hours sewing the squares into a skirt, and then an additional two to three hours of me figuring out how to attach the skirt to the top I made prior. This was a crazy build from start to finish, and I was blown away at how amazing it looked on a model!


Here’s Tammy modeling the dress!

Tammy also modeled one of the bikini tops as well:


Here she is modeling my bra top, with jewelry by Salika’s Jewels.

Shannon modeled the top I made for Lynette!


As part of the thank-you gift to the models, they could pick a pair of earrings from the display. Shannon ended up picking a pair that I made!


Overall I’m very proud of what I managed to accomplish this weekend, and I’m over the moon to see all the compliments I’ve recieved for my work!




2 thoughts on “The Big Weekend

  1. Thank you for the opportunity to model your fabulousness and that dress was far from GRANNY!! Hahaha the Facebook live video that darnell Kendricks did of me wearing has over 1500 views!!! Can you believe it?!? Please please please don’t hesitate to call me if you need me!!!!


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