Welcome to BTS Week + 16 Free Crochet Patterns for College

Hello everyone!

I’ve been away visiting relatives in Canada this past week, so sorry for the radio silence! As I go back for my final semester of college classes, I thought I would dedicate this week towards writing (hopefully) useful back to school posts.

As I am a commuter student, it did not feel right to write a pattern round up catered towards students who dorm, so I did my best to choose a selection of patterns that can be of use in either living situation. The patterns are both practical and cute, and I hope you can find one of use for you this school year!


Kawaii Spring Spa Set

Jazz Age Crochet Washcloth

  • I’ve made this washcloth before, and it’s a great washcloth for your face! The front of the washcloth I used for exfoliating, and the back has a smoother texture which is great for rinsing off facial masks or for makeup removal.

Hyperbolic Pseudosphere Scrubbie

Pretty Petals Dishcloth


Everything Bucket

Recycled Plastic Bag Basket

  • Plastic yarn, also known as plarn, is a great way to use up all those leftover bags you have from shopping. Here’s a tutorial on how to make your own plarn!

The Stash Basket

Everything Bucket

Tech Cases

Ultimate Universal Electronics Cozy

Bobble Wrap Laptop Sleeve

  • I’ve made this pattern for my tablet, and the pattern is easy to adjust for any width. If you’re going to use acrylic yarn for this sleeve I’d also recommend adding a cotton liner so that the edge between the screen and the bottom case of your device doesn’t snag and grab tiny acrylic fibers.

Phazelia’s Laptop Case

Crochet Boutique Laptop Sleeve

For Cozying Up the Place

Crochet Flower Hot Pad

Retro Granny Square Pillow

5 1/2 Hour Throw

Radiating Dragonflies Throw



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