WIP Wednesday: Halloween Already?

It’s kind of weird for me to write this, as I consider myself one of those people that gets annoyed when stores start selling Christmas stuff in September, but I think I finally get it. Stores want to pump out the holiday stuff months in advance so that during the month of the holiday of interest they can discount items like crazy (sorry if I’m late to realizing this, but it just clicked in my head a couple weeks ago…). Also, this is probably a sign that I need to start writing my spring patterns in the winter and vice versa, just to make pattern writing less stressful ^^;


Anyway I’m working on a series of Halloween themed top patterns that will be released in mid to late September (fingers crossed!). I feel like the next two months are still a decent time to wear crochet tops. They could be layered with longer cardigans and go well with high-waisted bottoms.

And to be perfectly honest, I want to destash all this cotton yarn I’ve accumulated through the summer too!

What are you working on this Wednesday?


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